The IBBA understands clearly the importance of African Americans in Broadcasting. Our purpose is to bring about unity and understanding between television and radio owners and professionals; to help inspire and encourage young people who are our future broadcasters and to provide scholarships to assist in their education. The IBBA’s principle objective is to promote ownership, employment, education, and equality for minority broadcasters in America & abroad.

Just like the drum which has echoed from Mother Africa’s soil to US cotton fields, Communication has been expressed through the music and dance of our ancestors. It is the mission of IBBA to acknowledge and honor our responsibility to speak truth into the world.

The IBBA strives to educate professionals and young aspiring talents on the best business practices for this industry. As members of the community we strive to raise awareness for issues that impact the lives of our patrons throughout the country. As broadcasters we feel that it is our duty to keep the public informed with valuable information that can help shape and mold their lives positively. With your support, our members, corporate sponsors and partnering organizations we are able to achieve our goals on a national and international basis.

About Our President and Executive Director

As President and General Manager, Robert (Rob) Neal signed WQID-LP, Hattiesburg, MS onto the air in 2000. In 2001, he founded the International Black Broadcasters Association (IBBA) to bring together African American broadcast professionals, including managers, account executives, and on-air personalities.